My Work Techniques

My work is evolving constantly as I experiment with new textile techniques in my journals. From drawings and inspiring images, I ‘play’ with fabrics always being open to trying something new. Burning fabrics, deconstructing and fusing different types of fabric together are just a few of the methods I work with.

In my recent works for my up and coming exhibition, I have been fusing fabrics together using bondaweb to create a stable base on which to stitch. I often use fine chiffons, pulling the warp and weft threads to suggest wispy clouds. Free machine embroidery is then used, like a paint palette, to build up the images. Using dozens of threads, often with a different colour on the spool from the bobbin, I can achieve the wide range of colours that I desire. With the foot off the machine and by dropping the feed dog I can then manoeuvre the fabric freely.

Using light weight plastic I then stretch the finished piece.

Have a look at the image gallery to see a selection of finished pieces, works in progress, and photos of my studio.